Travel Journal

Bachelor Time in Surprise

(Wednesday 4 January 2017) by Rick Clot
Today is Jan. 4th in the year of our Lord 2017 and for the last eight days I've found myself alone living the life of a bachelor. Or maybe a hermit. No, probably a bachelor since a bachelor still interacts with people whereas a hermit doesn't come out of his house. My wife has been back in Chicago at the bedside of one of her lifelong and closest friends who is doing battle with a dreaded disease and not faring well. I'm still at home trying like hell to steer the ship down the road as best as possible. I've paid some bills, done some laundry, made the bed, washed some dishes and mopped the floors. Today I will take down the Christmas tree which consists of unplugging the hardwired lights from the wall socket, putting a large plastic bag over the tree, securing it at the bottom with a bungee cord and taking it out to the garage for storage until next Christmas. Badda bing badda boom and I'm done in ten minutes. Can't get any easier than that. I can't believe there was actually a time when I hung lights on the garage and a wreath on the front door while wearing boots and gloves and slogging through two feet of snow. Then coming inside and wrestling with strings of lights on a 7' tree trying in vain to find some that worked. When we were young kids we always did things the hard way. Anyway, 11 1/2 months till Christmas but eight weeks till Spring Training. Yeah!

Until Next Time,
A bachelor in Surprise,


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