Travel Journal

The Sun Will Rise Tomorrow

(Friday 13 January 2017) by Rick Clot
Some interesting observations from the new year. My wife came home after being with a sick friend for 10 days in Chicago who lost her battle with cancer. My wife got pneumonia while there and upon returning home, went to her doctor who immediately ordered a chest x-ray which revealed some scarring of lung tissue. She's now taking medication which cost us our first born child as payment. Then yesterday she got a call from her boss who told her she had to let my wife go because she couldn't afford to pay her the increase in the minimum wage. My wife works 8 hours a week in an insurance office filing and answering phones. She makes minimum wage of $8.25/hr. Minimum wage has gone up in 2017 to $10.00/hr which would have been a raise of $1.75/hr x 8 hours which is an extra $14.00 a week. The boss claims she can't afford the pay raise but my wife thinks she was let go because of taking an excessive amount of time off work being with her sick friend and the pneumonia which kept her home for an additional week. This all happened in the first two weeks of January. So to say her new year has not exactly started off on a high note would be an understatement. And to show you what a caring and compassionate husband I am, I expressed my concern that she not sit around the house all day eating chocolate Bon Bons. Things can only get better from here unless I keep making stupid comments like that.

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