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Singing The Dealership Blues

(Thursday 16 March 2017) by Rick Clot
Took the car in to the dealer's yesterday and came away $600.00 lighter in the wallet. Thank you very much. I think I need to learn how to fix cars because that bill was $480.00 just for labor. I also got the shock of a lifetime when I asked the service rep for a price quote for a set of tires and he told me $1250.00. I politely told him I would wait since I didn't have any interest in a part ownership of the tire company in Akron, OH. So tomorrow I will have tires put on at Discount Tire for $800.00. Still not good but a whole lot better than $1250.00. To make matters worse I took the car in at 7:00AM when they opened and was there all day till 3:30PM when the service rep came out and found me sleeping in the waiting room. He told me it would only be another hour and they would have me out of there by 4:30 to which I replied "UH UH" I need to be home by 5:00 and 4:30 just wasn't gonna work. So they gave me a loaner car which I returned this morning in exchange for my car. So after my tires tomorrow I'll be $1400.00 poorer. The cost of car maintenance is going through the roof just like everything else these days.

Until Next Time,
Poorer in Surprise,


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