Travel Journal

Living The Dream Part 2

(Friday 7 April 2017) by Rick Clot
Things I miss living in Arizona in the summer....

1. Cold water from the cold water tap at the bathroom sink. Anybody who has lived in Arizona for any length of time knows exactly what I'm talking about. In July when it's 115 outside cold water is just a fleeting memory. All you get is "hot" and "less hot".
2. Waiting in line for an hour at any restaurant of your choice (sarcasm abounds). Until the snowbirds start their mass exodus in April every restaurant in the city has a waiting line. Fun times for the elderly.
3. Clogged streets everywhere you go (more sarcasm here). See #2.
4. Driving with your windows rolled down. In the Arizona summer, driving with the windows rolled down can pretty much assure you will get 3rd degree burns on your arm and all the hair singed off when you bring your arm in.

Until Next Time,
Living the Dream,


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