Travel Journal

CRS (Can't Remember S**T)

(Wednesday 12 April 2017) by Rick Clot
Today there was an omen from above. A very scary omen I might add. If this is a sign of old age I'm in deep trouble. Read it and weep. I had to go to the bank to cash a check then stop at the gas station right next door to fill the gas tank. My wife also asked me to buy some ice while I was at the gas station. So I get almost all the way to the bank and I realize I forgot the check at home. Had to turn around and go back. I ducked into a parking lot and quickly met up with a construction crew digging up and repaving the lot. Fortunately there was no fresh tar down or I would have been really pissed. Went home and got the check, went to the bank drive through and waited an inordinate amount of time while some Mexican lady in the other drive through lane was having an extended conversation with the teller. After finally doing my bank business I went to the gas station and politely bought my ice and forgot to get gas. I didn't notice it until I got all the way home. So here I go back to the gas station and fill her up. When I finally finished this fiasco of a trip I realized I had just turned a 15 minute errand into a 45 minute adventure. What's going to happen when I really get old?

Until Next Time,
CRS in Surprise,


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