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Not Much Happening Lately

(Saturday 6 May 2017) by Rick Clot
OK, after nearly a month of dawdling, or doodling, whichever the case may be, it's about time I report on some casual occurrences I've been a part of during that time. Yesterday was 107 here in the Valley of the Sun. Definitely the hottest day of the year so far. When I got into my car that was parked in the hot sun for an hour I actually burned my hands on the steering wheel. Somehow I get the feeling that won't be the last time that will happen. Went to a friend's birthday party last Thursday. He turned 50 and his wife threw a party. Nice party, good friends, good food and drink but I hate him. He's 50. I can't even remember 50. The last couple of weeks I've suspected my drip system in the yard was kaflooey (I had to Google that one) because it didn't look like the bushes were getting water. So I called the homeowner since we only rent this place and he sent a guy out to fix the problem. Problem fixed in a half hour and the bill was sent to the homeowner. Probably the biggest perk to renting. Not a cent came out of my pocket. Let's see, what else. A friend who has his own airport shuttle service is getting out of the business because he and his wife are selling their home and buying an RV to travel around the country. He wants to transfer all his customers to me. Sounds like I might be busy soon. We'll see.

Until Next Time,
Keeping a low profile,


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