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Poked and Probed

(Saturday 17 June 2017) by Rick Clot
Yesterday I had an appointment with my doctor for my annual physical. This is always a fun time of the year. It started a week ago when I went in to get my lab work done. He offers the service right there in his office and he has a young lady doing it who is a real pro. It saves me a trip to a clinic because if you get there when they open, at 7:00AM, you'll be 30th in line with a bunch of seniors who have been waiting half the night in hopes of being the first one in so they can get out quickly to go to McDonalds for breakfast since they had to fast all night. God forbid they have to go without their morning coffee. The disadvantage is that my doctor's office doesn't open until 9:00AM but on the plus side it's convenient to get to, I'm the only one in there getting blood drawn and the young lady is good at finding a vein usually sticking me only once. Plus she's pretty and very easy on the eyes. I get that done a week prior to my appointment so we can talk about the results when I get to talk with the doc. Fortunately, everything looked ok so I had no issues there. I'm going back in a week. He found a couple of skin lesions that need to be removed, one being a small spot of skin cancer on my ankle about the size of a dime. All in all the checkup went well. I still need to find a doctor with skinnier fingers. The prostate check is just not fun.

Until Next Time,
Probed in Surprise,


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