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Minor Surgery

(Sunday 25 June 2017) by Rick Clot
As I posted on my last blog a week ago, I had two minor skin problems that I brought to my doctor's attention while I was in his office for my yearly physical. One was a skin tag in my right armpit and the other was some kind of lesion on my ankle that he diagnosed as a patch of skin cancer. Starting with the skin tag he gave me a shot of numbing stuff (that's about as technical as I can get) and proceeded to remove it with a razor blade tool. So far minimal pain. Then his PA handed him a tool that looked strikingly similar to a miniature branding iron cowboys use for cattle. This was to cauterize the open wound. When my entire body stiffened up on the table he asked if I was in any pain and I said, "No. I just don't get a warm fuzzy feeling when I see smoke coming from my armpit". Then he moved to the spot on my ankle and gave me about four more shots of numbing stuff that sent me through the roof. He repeated the process with his razor blade thingy (more technical jargon here) and branding iron and I was good to go. The only good thing about this ordeal was that it was covered by my insurance and it cost me nothing for the masochistic privilege of enduring pain.

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