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Taco Hell of a Deal

(Tuesday 4 July 2017) by Rick Clot
Taco Bell in Arizona has a promotion going in cooperation with the Arizona Diamondbacks that has them giving away three free tacos every time the D'Backs score five or more runs in a game win or lose. On the day after the game between the hours of 4-6PM, customers will get three free tacos with the purchase of any large drink. So the D'Backs scored six runs in a win over the Rockies a couple of days ago and the next day my wife and I decided to take advantage of this offer. It's not often, in fact it's very seldom, you can get dinner for two for under $5 so we made our way to our local Taco Bell for some fine dining (a little sarcasm here in case you haven't picked up on it). Anyway, when we got there we each ordered three soft chicken tacos. We were politely informed that there was an extra charge of $.10 per taco for soft ones and an extra charge of $.60 per taco for chicken. So now our deal of a meal that should have cost me $5 is now approaching a $9 "free" taco meal. What a bargain this is turning out to be. So in an effort to get the "deal" we originally set out to get, I changed my order to beef tacos to save a few bucks in hopes that my wife would follow suit. But as is usually the norm in my house, that never happened. She'll continue to spend money because it's in her DNA.

Until Next Time,
Disappointed once again in Surprise,


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