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(Tuesday 19 September 2017) by Rick Clot
While driving to the airport during the last week I've had the opportunity to meet two very interesting gentlemen and had some marvelous conversations with both of them. The first guy said he was retired military and that he was a retired Lt. Colonel. I asked him what branch of the service he was in and he said the Army and that he used to fly helicopter gun ships in three tours of duty in Viet Nam. Didn't sound like a very fun job to me. After further conversation I found out he flew out of An Khe with the 1st Air Cav which is where I was stationed driving 18 wheeler fuel tankers and probably delivering his helicopter fuel on occasion. So as we approached his home he directed me to go a slightly different route home than I was planning on taking which he said was actually 1/2 mile shorter. I told him I only rose to the rank of Spec4 and I was certainly not going to argue with a Lt. Colonel so we took his way. The second gentleman was a retired Air Force fighter pilot stationed in Laos flying bombing missions over Viet Nam. He was shot down and recued three different times and had a Silver Cross to show for it. Both guys had some fascinating stories to tell and I just hope they weren't BS'ing just for the false honor and glory.

Until Next Time,
Like old home week in Surprise,


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