Travel Journal

Falling Off The Wagon (Literally)

(Tuesday 17 October 2017) by Rick Clot
Yesterday I had a rare off day from my little part time job that's quickly turning into a full time job it seems. Anyway, My wife and I spent the day with our daughter and 11 year old granddaughter in Scottsdale. We went to McDonald's Ranch in North Scottsdale for a day of pumpkin picking, petting baby goats, games and lunch in this quaint little replica of a western town. And it smelled like it too. So it started slow in the petting zoo with the goats and pigs. The goats are smart enough to know when you have corn pellets (or whatever it is that comes out of the dispenser) to feed them. The pigs don't seem to give a rip. Then we played some ring toss and bean bag games. Incredibly boring stuff right there. Then we had lunch for four that cost me $43 and my first born and they didn't even have a mask and a gun. Then the granddaughter went on a horseback ride once around the corral for $3. But the highlight of the day was after taking a hay wagon ride pulled by three horses out to the pumpkin area to spend more money, my wife fell on her ass while getting down off the wagon. We were hysterical. It took two of us to get her back on her feet. Her legs were just not strong enough to get herself up. I thought we were going to have to hitch up the horses. Then at breakfast this morning we were going over yesterday's events and I couldn't finish my cereal we were laughing so hard.

Until Next Time,
Hysterical in Scottsdale,


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