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Birthday Fun

(Monday 6 November 2017) by Rick Clot
Trying like hell to keep my Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day free of airport runs is getting to be a real challenge. I scheduled a ride on Thanksgiving but it's in the morning and we don't have plans until later in the afternoon so I'm thinking that will work as long as nobody else calls. My problem is Christmas. Some one called for a ride and it happens to be right smack dab in the middle of the afternoon interfering with dinner plans. I'm trying to figure out a way of pawning this ride off on another one of my helpers. That's assuming they don't have plans for Christmas day. Fat chance of that. On a separate note, we went to a birthday celebration for my wife's 93 yr old cousin. We met at a restaurant in Mesa which is half way around the world from us. Ordered the chicken wings and they were horrible. For some odd reason they gave us only the drumstick part of the wing. Not sure what they did with the wing part of the wing. Maybe they gave it to another customer. They were cooked too crispy and even worse they gave us flimsy paper napkins that lasted for all of one wing then needed a replacement. The noise was so loud in this place we had to move outside. And on top of all this it only took us an hour to drive there for all this fun and entertainment. If we do this again next year, assuming he's still around for his 94th, I think I will suggest a new restaurant to meet at.

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