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The Power Of Superstition

(Thursday 9 November 2017) by Rick Clot
This year's world series between the Dodgers and Astros was an exciting one as a world series often is. It went to the full seven games although game 7 was not quite as exciting as the first six. Not like the 2016 series when my hometown favorites, the Chicago Cubs, pulled it off in a thrilling game 7 victory in extra innings over the Indians in one of the most exciting series I've seen in a long time. Maybe EVER!! Zobrist hit a double to break the tie in extra innings and Montero singled in an insurance run. Baseball players are often superstitious and I'm certainly no different. Earlier in the game I noticed that almost every time I took a sip of my drink the Cubs did something noteworthy like a hit, a stolen base, scored a run. I was sure I had found a way to help the Cubs simply by taking a sip of my drink. Me superstitious...NAH! Sure enough, true to form when Zobrist came to bat in the final inning I took another sip and as if it were magic he punches a line drive past a diving 3rd baseman down the left field line for a double to score the go ahead run. Then when I did the same thing just before Montero singled I was convinced that I was the one who won the game for my beloved Cubbies. To this day my wife maintains that they won because of their hits in the last inning but I'm positive it was because of my sipping my drink that was what brought home the victory. I just haven't been able to convince her of that. But she's never played baseball a day in her life so she knows not of the power of superstition. She'll learn.

Until Next Time,
Fingers crossed in Surprise,


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