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Shaking Hands With Father Time

(Thursday 7 December 2017) by Rick Clot
I think my softball career is rapidly coming to an end. I hate to say that but because of some physical problems it's getting to be more of a challenge to perform at a level that's anywhere close to what I'm used to. I've got lower back pain that sets in after about a half hour of being on my feet. I think it might be due to the statin medication I'm taking for cholesterol. I have a doctor appointment next week so we'll definitely be discussing that. That's assuming I can get him to talk to me for more than five minutes. But my eyes seem to be giving me more problems than anything else and it was earlier this week that I actually realized what the problem was. I was playing first base when a ground ball was hit that went skipping by me into the outfield for a base hit. I never saw it and it was 2' to my right. It was because the ball was on the ground, a dark surface, and I couldn't find it against the dark background. When it's hit in the air I don't have that problem since the sky provides a light background which makes it easier for me to see the ball. So if I can find another med for cholesterol that will eliminate the back pain and play a position that I don't have to worry about ground balls, maybe I can squeeze another couple of years out of this old body. If not then I will have to somehow come to grips with the prospect of my athletic career being over. I may take up quilting.

Until Next Time,
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