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It's Getting More Confusing

(Thursday 4 January 2018) by Rick Clot
Here's a couple of observations I've made in the last week that have me scratching my head. First, I think it's time to switch doctors. As I reported in my last blog a month ago, I was hoping to have a productive conversation with my doctor about a few physical concerns I had but true to form he came in, sat down and gave me a 10 minute dissertation on the history of the medical profession without once looking in my throat and ears or listening to my breathing or tapping me on the knee with his little toy hammer. He never even asked me how I was feeling. Me thinks it's time to move on.
Second, I picked up a lady's son and his wife at the airport for a ride back to mom's house. While unloading luggage mom said she would need a ride again on Jan. 29th and since it was late she asked me to call her the next day to discuss. When I called she told me it would be Jan 22nd. I was sure she said the 29th and it started me wondering who was the crazy one here. After another failed communication I finally asked her to text me her flight info and I would check my schedule. When her text came in she said she was flying out on May 22nd. I'm sure she meant Jan 22nd not May 22nd. I guess that answers my question about who the crazy one is. This is a common occurrence you have to accept when dealing with seniors.

Until Next Time,
Scratching my head in Surprise,


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