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Rent Increase Not Wanted

(Saturday 6 January 2018) by Rick Clot
Renting a house like we have for the last five years has worked out well for us so far. The only reason we didn't buy a house five years ago when we got rid of the RV was because we fell into this deal with the home owner giving us an unbelievably low rental price for a long term lease. He's been a great landlord for all these years. He's replaced the A/C unit with a brand new one, he's put in a new garage door opener and paid for a new toilet in the Master Bath and faucet replacements in both bathrooms. I knew a guy who was selling a four year old fridge for $250 and it was just the model and color that Sandy was looking for and our landlord agreed to pay for the upgrade. He's been very accommodating so far and hasn't raised our rent in the five years we've been here (I hope that wasn't the kiss of death). But now the flat screen TV is on it's last leg and the garage door sounds like it's going to fall off the track any day now. I suspect if I tell him about both of those items that will be the key that will trigger a rent increase. So now I'm thinking that maybe I'll foot the bill for whichever item is cheaper just to temporarily appease him and let him pay for the more expensive one. Maybe that way I'll dodge the inevitable rent increase a little longer.

Until Next Time,
Pinching pennies in Surprise,


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