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A Sneaky Rent Increase

(Wednesday 24 January 2018) by Rick Clot
In my last post three weeks ago I was concerned that our landlord would impose a rent increase since the garage door was about to fall off the track and the Sony flat screen TV seemed to be on it's last leg since it takes about 20 minutes to warm up and clear itself of shadows on the screen. He hasn't raised our rent in the five years we've lived here and I just figured we were living on borrowed time. Well we talked about the condition of the garage door and he sent a company out to assess the condition of the door. Well two hours and $1400 later the door was fixed. Personally, I felt bad for the guy. I thought he got ripped off. After the tech left, our landlord invited me to McDonald's for a cup of coffee and I could see what was in store. I didn't think anything good could come from this meeting and I was right. The only thing I was wrong about was he didn't raise our rent. He pulled a slight of hand by telling me he was running out of money and asked if we could pay his association fees for him. Now we had already agreed to split those fees about a year ago which added an additional $50/month to the rent back then and now we'll be adding another $50/month which we agreed to so technically it wasn't a rent increase. He deftly took a page out of Congress' playbook. They pass a bill but always add other provisions to it that have nothing to do with the original bill. So he got his rent increase through the back door. I'll get it back when I tell him the TV crapped out.

Until Next Time.
Biding my time in Surprise,


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