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What A Week

(Saturday 3 February 2018) by Rick Clot
To say this has been a week from hell is putting it mildly. I've had a little black cloud hanging over my head all week. This past Tuesday I had an appointment to bring my car in to the shop to have a timing belt replacement. I chose this mechanic because he came highly regarded and also he was only going to charge me $700 when the Ford dealership would have charged me $1300. But first I had to stop and rent a car since this was going to be a two day job. I pulled out of the rental car lot and I wasn't even in the car 10 minutes when I took a rock in the windshield. What luck. I then brought my car to the mechanic expecting to get it back the next day. WRONG! He called me Wednesday to tell me they discovered they needed a special tool that they didn't have and they would need to keep the car an extra day (Thursday) which required me to extend my rental car one more day for an extra charge. Then the mechanic called Thursday AM to tell me they were ordering this tool and it would be in in a few days. I picked up the car and discovered I had a crack in my windshield (no fault of the repair shop). So now I'm out $140 for the rental car, I still don't have a new timing belt and I'm waiting for the rental car agency to charge me for the ding in their windshield. Along with all this BS I called my insurance company yesterday simply to ask if my insurance covers a windshield replacement on a rental and I kept getting transferred to different departments and calling back twice after getting disconnected and never did talk to someone who could answer my question. This week has not been a good one.

Until Next Time,
Gettin' snarkey in Surprise,


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