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(Monday 26 February 2018) by Rick Clot
In my last blog I mentioned that we were tied for first place with one other team with identical 5-0 records and getting ready to meet them head to head the following game with the winner temporarily taking over sole possession of first place. Well the good guys won the game with a thrilling 14-13 victory but it certainly didn't come easy. They loaded the bases with only one out in the last inning putting the tying run on third and the lead run on second. Lady Luck then stepped in and waved her magic wand and got the next two hitters to pop up to the infield to end the game. WHEW!! They don't get much closer than that. In more softball news, yesterday I was lucky enough to be asked to play in a doubleheader softball game for charity. It was Team USA vs Team Canada to raise money for cancer research. It made me wonder why I was asked since we had an entire lineup of talented young players. It reminded me of the line George Gobel once said when he was a guest on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson many years ago. He was on with Bob Hope and Dean Martin and he said, "Did you ever get the feeling the world was a tuxedo and you were a pair of brown shoes?" That was me.

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