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Chicago Trip

(Wednesday 11 April 2018) by Rick Clot
Left Arizona on 4/4 headed back to Chicago and returned on 4/10. The main focus of our trip was twofold. First, we were attending a 50th wedding anniversary of our best friends. The best part was we didn't tell anyone we were coming in except the sister in law who was organizing the dinner. We wanted to make it a total surprise and that's exactly what it was. A memory that will stay with me for the rest of my life is the look on his face when we walked in and said, "Hey, we heard there was a party here". It was a great time and we got to see many people we hadn't seen in quite a few years. It certainly was a special night. The other reason for our trip was to visit with our son and his family. There's been a subtle rift in our family ever since the presidential election and I was hoping to reach out with the olive branch to smooth things over. I think, everything considered, it was a successful visit. The grandkids are getting big and Dave and Katie seem to be mellowing out a bit after Trump's been in office for over a year now. All in all it was a fun trip. I just wish we had more time to spend with the kids to show them more magic tricks. The highlights of the trip were when the fire alarm went off in the condo complex at 10:30PM and the inch of snow we had on the last day we were there, Our trips are never without incidents.

Until Next Time,
Glad to be back in Surprise,


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