Travel Journal

San Antonio Day #2

(Saturday 19 May 2018) by Rick Clot
May 8th - Left El Paso on our way to San Antonio for my Vietnam army reunion. Last time I saw some of these guys was six years ago in Oklahoma City. Looking forward to it. We're supposed to have two fully restored Vietnam gun trucks there which I'm excited about since I left country early before the gun trucks were thought of and developed. San Antonio was a full day's drive....about 560 miles but we lost an hour in the time zone change. One more note about El Paso; it should be named the City of Bridges. Heading out of town on eastbound I-10 that's all we saw was bridges and overpasses being built tying into the Interstate. Bridges everywhere, on ramps, off ramps. It looked like a new roller coaster ride at Disneyland. We had another nice day for travel. No rain and plenty of sun the entire way. Rolled into San Antonio and immediately felt like we were in high rent district. We stayed at the Menger Hotel with a group rate of $122 a night that quickly turned into $160 when you added up all the taxes and the valet parking fees of $20 a day. More to follow.

Until Next Time,
Going broke in Texas,


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