Travel Journal

San Antonio Day #3

(Wednesday 23 May 2018) by Rick Clot
May 9th - Woke up and got ready to go down to the restaurant in the hotel for breakfast with Sandy. The meal came in at around $28.00 for just a two egg breakfast with bacon, potatoes and toast. The eggs were a bit crunchy around the edges. I think the chef - and here I'm being kind using that term - threw the eggs on the gridle and walked away and forgot about them. I love over easy eggs that come out with a crispy edge to them. It sure wasn't worth $28.00. Sat around in the lobby for awhile and greeted some of the guys who were checking in. Always nice to renew old acquaintances. Sandy and I decided to take a walk past the Alamo which was right next door to the hotel, probably not more than 100 yards. Took a few photos and then meandered down to the infamous Riverwalk about a block away that is filled with every kind of restaurant known to mankind. We actually were doing some advanced scouting as we planned on spending a lot of time there not to mention money. We got back to the hotel and by that time our group historian showed up and a few of us helped him unload a massive amount of picture albums to set up in a "hospitality room". That's French for "a room where you can go to get drunk and tell the same old war stories we've told for the last dozen reunions". Anyway, things are getting off on a good note.

Until Next Time,
Having fun in San Antonio,


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