Travel Journal

San Antonio Day #4

(Sunday 27 May 2018) by Rick Clot
May 10th - Day 4 was a leisurely breakfast in the hotel restaurant again and after yesterday's breakfast when it cost me my first born, I decided to just have an order of toast not because I wasn't hungry but because I was broke. Well not completely broke but getting there rapidly. Then at 10:00AM we all met in the lobby and walked next door for a group photo in front of the Alamo which is a curious structure. Someone said a lot of the original mission was demolished because it was falling down. It was hard to imagine the overwhelmed band of 187 Americans under the leadership of General William Travis trying to hold off 5,000 Mexicans from a mission. What a heroic effort. Stupid but heroic. The original name of the Alamo was Mission San Antonio de Valero and came to be known as the Alamo from the rows of cottonwood trees surrounding the building known as Alamos. Anyway, we took a one hour bus tour of the city finding out some interesting facts. All things considered, this is shaping up to be a pretty good trip and I'm happy to be here.

Until Next Time,
Going broke in San Antonio,


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