Travel Journal

San Antonio Day #5

(Monday 28 May 2018) by Rick Clot
May 11th - Last night we got the entire group, wives and all, aboard two pontoon boats that took us on a one hour cruise up and down the San Antonio river. We had an excellent boat captain that pointed out a lot of interesting facts about the city and the buildings along the river. He really knew his stuff. What a great trip. This morning we found a relatively inexpensive restaurant that was in the heart of the high rent district but the prices looked normal and it seemed like a good place to try breakfast. We headed over there with a party of seven hungry people. It was right around the corner from the hotel and down a block. When we walked in, the head honcho wanted to seat us at a table near the door in a heavy traffic area that would have been a cozy squeeze for six but virtually impossible for seven. Our self appointed spokesman for the group, Louie, asked if we could put a couple of other tables together elsewhere in the restaurant that would give us a little more room but the guy seemed like he was balking at the idea. Next thing I know we're sitting where Louie wanted. As we settled in and starting looking over the menu I casually asked Louie if he told the guy that he had friends named Guido and Vinnie Gambino. Later that evening our group had a nice prime rib dinner in one of the conference rooms reserved for us compliments of the hotel. Excellent food with excellent friends. A good way to wind down from the week's activities.

Until Next Time,
Having fun in San Antonio,


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